Mike And Darren’s MLM Tactics You Should Know

I assume that you have come across an Ad on Facebook or Youtube about a work-from-home business opportunity using a system that the owners claimed is 90% done for you. You only need to take care of the other 10%.

You were given the opportunity to watch a free webinar with “happy people” talking about this powerful proven system which is even automated and can bring you passive income for a long time to come.

This group called itself the DREAM TEAM and they are offering you training to know how to use their system for as little as $149.

Am I right?

If you answer yes, then watch this video before you dive into the dream world.

Here we go!

Before I let you into the secret, let me quickly put out a disclaimer.

” Information shared in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes What I will talk about in this article is based on my own opinion and should not be taken as gospel. Please do your own research if you desire to know more on this subject.

I was a member of the Dream Team and also have proof to show my membership so I’m only giving my opinion on this questionable system based on my experience. My criticism will be based on my own experience in accordance with fair use.

So, hear me out now.

This business opportunity promises you training in Facebook and Youtube advertisements. After the training, you can set up and run your own profitable online Digital business within weeks, as claimed by its founders.

They explained that the system will bring you 6 to 7 figures per year and you can fire your boss in as little as 6 weeks. Those are huge promises.

Anyway, here is the thing.

You will be required to use the Facebook and Youtube advertising platforms for your advertising Campaign.

But guess what!

Facebook has issues with Multi-level Marketing Companies as it relates to running Ads on its Platform.

How do I know this?

Let’s look at what Facebook has to say in its Ads Policy [No. 20] on Multi-level Marketing business opportunities.

This is what Facebook has to say, and I quote.

“Adverts promoting income opportunities must fully describe the associated product or business model, and must not promote business models offering quick compensation for little investment, including multi-level marketing opportunities”.


“Get-rich-quick” Schemes. End of quote.

If Facebook should know that you are using their Ads Platform to promote MLM business opportunities, you could get your Facebook Ads account shut down.

I was a part of this dream team group so I know what I’m talking about. As a matter of fact, my Facebook Ads account was shut down within weeks after joining this questionable system managed by Mike, Darren, and their coaches”.

By the way, you might be wondering what the heck is this guy going on about.

Didn’t you know that Mike and Darren are using a Sales funnel to recruit independent distributors for a Multi-level Marketing Company called Enagic? When you are recruited, you will be required to recruit others to join the system. You will now have a large number of distributors competing against each other to sell water machines for Enagic.

Sorry to break your bubble, but that’s what you will be doing when you join this group of digital business owners.

Continue watching this video to learn more.

Let me now tell you a little story of my life. You really want to hear it, don’t you?

Well! Over a year ago I was surfing the internet specifically Facebook. Guess what!

A Facebook Ad popped up in my newsfeed and it was about an online business opportunity.

Wow! I was so excited because I’ve been looking for an online opportunity for quite a while.

I curiously clicked on the Ad and it took me to a landing page, which reads.

“Register below for the FREE live workshop” It continues to say, “Thousands of people around the world have used this same workshop to create a better future for themselves and their families.”

I have to say that this was my Eureka moment because this landing page was really playing the right tune in my ears.

The successful business owner went on to say, “when we decided to look into working online we were intimidated too, but after watching this workshop we discovered a world of possibilities and how much easier things could be by working with people who knew what they were doing.”

This really sounded promising to me, at least, so I thought. I was encouraged to watch the webinar to get a clear picture of what’s needed to do this business the right way. I was promised mentorship by a community of thousands of successful online business owners. Wow! I was so excited to hear what I wanted to hear.

I hope you can see where I’m going with this business model by Mike and Darren and his community of over 100,000 members. That’s the size of the membership it is alleged. The rhetorical question is, Are all those members active with the business? And are all those members making a good income, preferably 6 to 7 figures?

Are you getting bored?

You should not be, as I’m trying to let you understand what this business model entails and why you should do your due diligence before spending your money.

Now! You are promised Global training and you can also learn from the comfort of your home. Guess what! they claimed that the system is fully automated and you could be up and running in less than two weeks with your fully automated successful online business.

I have to say that these claims are so huge because when I joined the dream team over a year ago, I had to wait almost a month for this funnel system which they claimed is worth $21000. Anyway, they might have improved their proven system as one member claimed to quit her corporate job in as little as six weeks.

Wow! This sounds like a lucrative business opportunity and since the system is proven according to Mike and Darren, you should not fail at making 6 to 7 figures annually. Bearing in mind that they claim to help thousands of people around the world.

Mike and Darren’s proven system seems to be producing excellent results based on some students’ success stories. They use students on their landing page. I thought I was a business owner when I joined. Ok then! Choice of words would be important. Are their members students or business owners? I’m not sure.

Let me say at this stage that I quit the Dream Team as things were not as they claimed and Facebook Ads were costing me an arm and a leg.

Watch the video by clicking on the link in this article to hear the success stories of some of their students.

One student says, and I quote, “We’ve paid off our mortgage, taken multiple vacations every year, and even helped out my family back home in the Philippines.” end of quote.

Wow! I tell you. This is indeed the laptop freedom lifestyle anybody would love to have, but please remember that these are just testimonials and might not be true. It could be a selling point to lure you in, as it was in my case.

Another student says, and I quote, “This has allowed us to retire early, spend our days together and enjoy quality time with our kids and new granddaughter” end of quote. Oh, how sweet. I tell you, this might be the business opportunity you crave but if it’s too good to be true, it might well be.

Let’s continue with these exciting testimonials.

The owners of the dream team said they have bought homes, and cars, and helped their loved ones who are using their $21000 proven system.

This sale funnel, in my opinion, is doing wonders for Mike and Darren and some dream team members.

Have you ever heard the term, “Fake it to make it?” I’m assuming you have.

I have to say that with Mike and Darren’s business model, this phrase is very handy within the Dream Team. A number of dream team members especially the newer ones, in my opinion, are literally faking success especially when they are running their Facebook and youtube Ads campaign.

In my opinion, Faking success will make them more credible to their prospective recruits. They have to appear to be successful so as to win over the trust of their prospects.

Should you decide to join this group, you will understand what I’m talking about.

At this moment, I’m gonna show you one of my promotional videos which I used in my Facebook Ads Campaign when I was a member of the dream team. More like a nightmare team.

Now I must say that this Ad campaign did very well and I got a number of leads but no one bought not even their $149 funnel system. Watch the video to see my Ad(Timestamp on video: 10:31).

As I told you earlier, my Facebook Ads account was shut down by Facebook. Please note that when Facebook shut your accounts down, you are not allowed to even boost any post on your fan page.

More often than not, when you appeal to Facebook about your closed account, they usually will not re-open those accounts.

Let me now show you the video Ad which I used on Facebook when I was, unfortunately, a part of the dream team. I was faking success with this video Ad,(Timestamp on video: 10:31), which I was not really proud of.

So from my own research, not all members of the dream team are seeing success. Some of them are faking success to win over leads and buyers.

Now to the very important question.

Are you ready to register with the dream team or are you gonna do more research? The choice is yours, my friend. However, before you decide, let me tell you what Mike and Darren promised you when you join this so-called friendly group of Enagic distributors.

Here is what you should know before taking the big leap.

All the info you’ll need to start working online. If you decide this proven system isn’t for you, then let them know within 30 days and prior to having your coaching call and they’ll refund your $149.

This is what is included in the funnel system of Mike and Darren’s.

All the sales tools.

All the marketing training.

All the Enagic products that you’ll need to get up and running with a successful online business.

Bonus 1: Access to their Elite Mastermind.

Bonus 2: Your own custom-tailored sales funnel system to sell your Enagic water machines.

Bonus 3: A personal mentor to help you grow your business.

Of course, in my opinion, I’m not so sure about your mentors having much time for you as people who have quit, including myself, complained about the lack of help from mentors.

In my opinion, this is a rat race business opportunity and you will be competing against everyone else in the team with Facebook and Youtube Ads which can be very very expensive.

Bearing in mind that you can run into issues with Facebook, as you are promoting Multi-level Marketing products.

Also remember that you will have to set aside at least $4000 to secure your water machine, in addition to Facebook and Youtube Ads budget which can be pretty huge. It is alleged that it cost some members over $11,000 to start, as some coaches would encourage them to go for the trifecta package which would be a water machine, an Anespa, and a Ukon.

Check out my other videos along with other youtube videos for more information before you register with this group.

All the best with your decision.

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